All About Cartesi (CTSI)

Cartesi is a multichain layer-2 platform used for the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Cartesi is a multi-chain layer-2 infrastructure that allows software developers to create smart contracts with their desired software tools and languages. Cartesi combines a virtual machine, optimistic rollups, and side-chains for developers to create blockchain applications.

Cartesi is trying to solve layer-1 blockchain scalability issues and high fees through two pieces of infrastructure. The first is Descartes Rollups, which is a variant of an optimistic rollup. The second is Noether, a sidechain that provides data availability to applications. When combined, these products help Cartesi-based apps scale through both on-chain and off-chain components.

  • The native token of the Cartesi is CTSI, which primarily allows users to pay for transactions on Noether (Cartesi's side chain).
  • CTSI also plays a role with Descartes Rollups. It will be used by applications to outsource the execution of verifiable and enforceable computation to entities running Descartes nodes.

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