Binance.US Co-Launches Chainabuse

At Binance.US, the safety and security of our customers is a top priority. As with any industry, scams are a real risk and concern in the digital economy, especially as interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow and gains more mainstream adoption.

As a regulated exchange, we believe it is important to maintain trust with our users and the broader crypto community, which is why we’re pleased to announce that we have co-launched Chainabuse. A first of its kind community-powered scam reporting platform, Chainabuse  empowers anyone in the crypto economy to warn about scams, hacks or other fraudulent activity in real time.

Led by TRM Labs, we co-launched Chainabuse with other crypto leaders including Solana and Hedera. Chainabuse is a free tool that enables the crypto community - including users and businesses - to contribute to the safety and security of the broader crypto ecosystem.

"As the digital economy continues to scale, it is imperative we have solutions like Chainabuse that empower the crypto community to work with regulated exchanges and report abusive behavior and scams," said Tammy Weinrib, Chief Compliance Officer at Binance.US. "One of the main goals of regulated exchanges is to foster trust within the broader community, and we believe this is giant step forward towards continuing to fortify that trust."

The platform, which launched this week, already features hundreds of reports searchable across eight blockchains – including over 20 phishing domains and Twitter profiles targeting investors in a popular new gamified metaverse project.  To learn more or report scams, please visit

How to support Chainabuse

Chainabuse is the first multi-chain, community-powered crypto scam reporting tool and is available for anyone to use for free. Organizations who are interested in becoming an official Chainabuse partner or want to learn more about scams reported on their platforms can contact the Chainabuse team at TRM Labs:

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