Talking Crypto Domains With Binance.US, Unstoppable Domains & Polygon

Make your complicated wallet address simpler with Crypto Domains on Binance.US.

In April 2023, Binance.US announced a partnership with Unstoppable Domains to offer our users unique Crypto Domains. These domains replace long and complicated wallet addresses with a short and easy-to-remember name.

Those interested in claiming a .BinanceUS Crypto Domain can join the waitlist to be among the first to be notified once this feature goes live.

Hear from guests Nandini Maheshwari, Jennifer Kattula, and Sandy Carter from Binance.US, Unstoppable Domains, and Polygon Labs respectively. Watch the edited version below or read our full transcript of the conversation.

Introducing Crypto Domains

Note: The following section features a transcript of a live conversation hosted by Unstoppable Domains between guests Sandy Carter, Nandini Maheshwari, and Jennifer Kattula. The sections below have been edited for brevity and clarity. Where possible, conversations have been condensed to make the following content more readable.

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Sandy Carter: Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, depending upon where you are in the world. My name is Sandy Carter. I am the COO for Unstoppable Domains. Thank you so much for joining us. We have a very significant announcement. I am joined today by Jennifer Kattula, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Polygon Labs, and Nandini Maheshwari, who is the Head of Business Development at Binance.US.

Yes you heard it. Three powerhouses coming together. Binance.US, which is one of the largest and most trusted US platform, Polygon, the most used web3 infrastructure, and Unstoppable Domains, the largest digital identity platform in Web3.

So I know you're all excited to hear the news. Nandini, would you do us the honors and start out with the great news?

Nandini Maheshwari: Awesome. Thanks, Sandy, for the intro. So today we are introducing .Binance.US, a new digital identity for the Binance.US community. Binance.US and Unstoppable Domains have partnered to create these exclusive .Binance.US Web3 domains on Polygon Network. The new digital identity can be used to buy, send, and sell cryptocurrencies within the Binance.US app and also represent themselves across the Web3 ecosystem.

These domains will be available in the coming weeks exclusively on the Binance.US app. We couldn't be more excited to be partners with Unstoppable Domains and Polygon on this announcement today. And I do want to reflect on why it's important. It's important first because increasing accessibility to Web3 while maintaining a safe and secure ecosystem is at the core of our mission.

And, with today's announcement, our customers gain a digital identity for the Binance.US platform. Second, crypto made simpler. Goodbye to the stress of long, error-prone, complicated wallet addresses. And we are very happy to share that over 120 wallets can all resolve to one simple easy-to-remember name like Sandy.Binance.US or Jennifer.Binance.US.

And third, I would want everybody to remember that we worked together with Unstoppable to build this platform manage domain registration service that automatically links to Binance.US deposit wallets. This is truly unique and this is the first for any platform that has been offered ever before. So maybe with not much further to do, Sandy, there's something more special about this launch from Unstoppable Side as well. Sandy, would you like to share?

Sandy Carter: Yeah, thank you. And congratulations, Nandini. I know you and your team have put in such hard work to make this happen as a true value for all of your customers. In addition, to celebrate this great occasion, we're also going to do premium two-letter domains and two-digits. This is the first time that we're releasing two letter domains.

Binance.US domains will be available, making it the first time that Unstoppable has ever done this. You need to jump in right now. So I'm so excited, Nandini, to see the value that your customers are going to get from this announcement and the over 120 wallet resolutions that they now have access to.

Jennifer, you're here from Polygon. Why are you excited to be the infrastructure for this announcement?

Jennifer Kattula: Thanks so much for having me and congratulations to both of you. Many people know that Polygon is an Ethereum scaling solution, and our mission is to help anyone realize their vision of the future. And that includes accessibility to Web3. Unstoppable and Polygon have been working together for many years now and to see the potential of Binance.US bringing their audience into Web3 with this domain on Polygon is really exciting. Because, at the end of the day, more users entering Web3 is really good for the entire ecosystem.

We have a lot in common. We launched the .Polygon domain not that long ago and we have seen tremendous growth from our end users, from our projects, and it's just really exciting to see the excitement. People are really proud to share it and their Twitter handles on their socials. So really, I'm just very excited for Binance.US to be able to do the same. (...)

Nandini, why did you select Unstoppable Domains as your digital identity partner and why was it so key to build the foundation on Polygon?

Nandini Maheshwari: Thank you, Jennifer. Unstoppable Domains is the market leader in digital identity. It's already scaled 1000 plus partners. Go Sandy!  I mean for us we chose Unstoppable because of their ability to innovate with us. We worked with them for several months to build this new integrated solution that’s a first for any platform, and it truly resonates with what Binance U.S. wants to do.

We want to be the most customer centric platform in crypto, which means raising the bar on what our customers expect of us and today is in line with those with those ethos. Switching gears to Polygon, I mean, Polygon needs no introduction. We chose them because of the low fees, high scalability, and it is truly one of the largest ecosystems in the world.

Sandy, tell us about digital identity superpower in the Web3 world.

Sandy Carter: Digital identity delivers power to all internet users. Unlike Web two, your Web3 digital identity enables you to own your own data and your own identity. Our identity really encompasses who we are. Sometimes that's, you know, showcasing our sports identity or music or art. Every day we take steps to build that identity. And I would say that given it is your identity, you should own that data.

And so Unstoppable Domains proudly supports a mission to get a digital identity into the hands of every user. Because we do view owning that data and owning that digital identity as a human right. Now a question for you, Nandini. All three of our companies have invested very heavily in building digital identity for our communities. Why has that been such a big focus for you guys at Binance.US?

Nandini Maheshwari: Yeah. I mean, as you know, crypto and Web3 adoption is in the early days. So for us, investing in such powerful partnerships and integrations that remove friction and make it easier, you know, intuitive for our customers, that's where we want to invest our time and energy and specifically for digital identity. It is such a powerful tool. It's the entry point. It's personal, it's dynamic, it's intuitive.

So we felt integrating this digital identity within the Binance.US app is a great way to introduce people. But, you know, I would love to hear from you both. What are some other ways we think we could have this widespread adoption of the three domains?

Jennifer Kattula: Absolutely. I couldn't agree with both of you more. Reducing friction is absolutely critical to help onboard more users. And then Web3 is fundamentally about digital ownership and self-sovereignty online and that's what domains do. The way I look at it, I think the domain can really act as sort of that front door to Web3 where once you have it, it can open up access to all of your experiences in a really seamless and simple way.

Domains inherently have more security, they allow more privacy, and they're really future proof in a way. And I think that's a real power— a powerful benefit for people, especially for people that might not be Native Web3 today. And so it'll help us all onboard more people into the space.

Sandy Carter: And I think that's really important, Jennifer. Onboarding more people to own their own identity. I also think that interoperability is really important and that's just a technical way of saying that we should make digital identity a part of their everyday lives. Something that makes your Internet experience easier and more delightful, if you would, right? The more places you can use that digital identity, the more value it adds to your life and the more people will want it.

So, step one in Web3 in the metaverse and in the future we think digital identity will be the center of that Internet experience as well. Now, one of the other big things that I think is so important that I know both of you have been focused on is community. And, you know, when I think about community, you guys have two of the world class communities and you've really built that up. You are true builders in this space. So what advice or strategy would you share with others about building those successful communities?

Nandini Maheshwari: Yeah, I mean, all of crypto is possible thanks to the huge community of fans, advocates, followers, and we at Binance.US are very fortunate to have a very passionate community. But I think that the core of that passion comes from we really listen, we truly listen to them. We have improved our app, added new features, created new products, all by listening to what our community wants.

So, we obviously can't do everything that they ask for, but we really take it to heart and we are honest about our community efforts. So I would say that that's probably the core of what we do with Binance.US .

Sandy Carter: Jennifer, do you want to add in as well? Because I know Polygon is known as a community builder.

Jennifer Kattula: Yeah, I think community is really built brick by brick. I mean its community is symbiotic. It's giving more than you take. It's transparency and authenticity. It's listening and it's taking that feedback and taking action on it. It is not a megaphone to an audience, which is sort of the past way we used to do marketing. It's really that two way dynamic interaction and I think some of the strongest communities are those where you invest in the people and then those people do become your advocates and they bring more people into the community and that creates this flywheel.

And I think that's really what is so powerful and unique about Web3 in general. That flywheel that you can create when somebody really sees the value and their own personal benefit from the community and they want to tell the world, they want to tell their friends about it.

So, yeah, I think it's not it's not easy. It's definitely something that you have to work hard at and you have to always be present. And I feel really lucky to be able to learn from so many great communities around this space.

Sandy Carter: Yeah, I agree. I love that. Not a megaphone. It's really about adding value, right? Value is greater than hype. And Nandini, I know that's why you have invested in .Binance.US for your users, customers and, might I say, community. So I'd love to hear your goals, your hopes, and your dreams for the launch of Binance.US.

Nandini Maheshwari: Yeah. Simply put, I would say if it makes it easier and intuitive for our customers and they feel safe and secure in every transaction they do, that is success. That's why we did this. But as we think beyond from today at a user level, I would love to make Binance.US Domain the core of digital identity for millions of our users.

I really hope it empowers them. It makes them reflect and take ownership of their digital identity in many ways starting from today. Also, as you know, Binance U.S. is known to be an industry-leading platform, but we had a very exciting roadmap of Web3 products, and I would love to find ways to make this digital identity the access point for all of the upcoming products that we launch.

And lastly, as I've always mentioned about innovation, we all here have to revolutionize the way consumers interact in Web3. This is just the starting point. I want to see how much more we can do in years to come. And I would just say, stay tuned, folks.

Sandy Carter: Stay tuned indeed. You've got Polygon, Binance.US and Unstoppable. I am ready to get started, Nandini. So you know, if I'm listening, what do I do next and where can I learn more?

Nandini Maheshwari: To get on the waitlist, visit the link below on the screen. To grab your digital identity today, go to Binance.US app and get your domain now. It's time to own your digital identity.

Sandy Carter: And I would say we are jointly — Jennifer, myself, and Nandini, Binance.US, Unstoppable, Polygon — are hosting a party at Consensus. So thank you guys for listening today. Hopefully you are as excited as we are about this amazing announcement of .Binance.US really supported by Unstoppable and Polygon.

Thank you for your time and, hopefully, we will see you soon out in the Metaverse.

Nandini Maheshwari: Thank you all.

Jennifer Kattula: Thank you. Congratulations.

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