How To Join the Binance.US Angel Ambassador Program | Apply Now

The wait is over: registrations are now open for the Binance.US Angel Ambassador Program.

The wait is over: registrations are now open for the Binance.US Angel Ambassador Program. We’re looking for brand ambassadors and community volunteers with a passion for crypto and blockchain technology. If you’re looking to share your love for crypto and represent one of the most trusted brands in the industry, find out whether our Angel Ambassador Program is right for you.

What is the Angel Ambassador Program?

Binance.US Angels are community builders who help spearhead community initiatives, spark conversations, and foster growth by engaging with Binance.US community members. Angels participate on a volunteer basis to share their crypto journey with others and forge new connections, both online and offline.

What do Binance.US Angels receive?

Angel volunteers gain access to networking opportunities with community builders and crypto enthusiasts, exclusive Binance.US swag, special Angel-exclusive events with Binance.US team members, and more.

The Angel Ambassador Program offers volunteers unprecedented access to build, manage, and shape one of the most active and passionate crypto communities in the world.

How do I apply to become a Binance.US Angel?

Applications are now open for our Angel Ambassador Program. The application form will take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete.

Become a Binance.US Angel

Hear from current Binance.US Angels:

“My Binance.US Angel journey has elevated my career in crypto and expanded my network. I’m honored to volunteer alongside smart individuals, while also building fantastic relations with other angels and the Binance.US team. The contacts I established through the Angel Ambassador Program helped me accomplish my goal of working in this space. I encourage anyone who’s seeking greater involvement in crypto to find their wings and join the Angel family.” - Tom

“I joined the Binance.US Angel family in 2019.... volunteers from all over the US came together and helped grow the community. I’d like to say that the Binance.US Angels have been there since day one.” - Sal

“I just joined the Binance.US Angels and the experience so far has inspired me…. I’m looking forward to the future, as this is just the beginning.” - Joshua

Join the Binance.US Angel Ambassador Program

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