What Is A Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol (POAP)?

A POAP, or Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol, is a type of NFT collectible that offers online and offline event-goers a unique digital badge to commemorate their attendance.

Important notice for #CryptoCelebAlert viewers: On Sunday, February 13, 2,222 limited-edition POAP NFTs will be available for eagle-eyed viewers. During the commercials, keep an eye out for celebs who are promoting crypto. Press the buzzer when you spot one for a chance to earn your POAP.

Eligible customers can claim their POAP by providing their Ethereum wallet address, or enter a valid email address to reserve their POAP for five minutes. If you entered an email address, please check your inbox for further instructions on how to claim your POAP.

POAPs, pronounced “poh-ap”, are a relatively new type of NFT that has been gaining popularity in crypto enthusiast circles, particularly amongst blockchain and crypto event goers. POAPs are typically offered to commemorate online or offline events. They come in the form of ERC-721 tokens that users can claim by entering their Ethereum wallet address.

The collectibles are issued on the xDai chain, an Ethereum side-chain that offers faster transactions and lower fees compared to Ethereum. Like a cryptocurrency or NFT, users can buy and sell POAPs on compatible platforms.

Where Did POAPs Come From?

POAPs were first introduced during ETHDenver 2019, as a way to reward attendees for attending the conference. Because POAPs can be easily created by event organizers, they are featured in many blockchain and crypto events, activities, and campaigns.

How Do I Claim A POAP?

Generally, users may need to scan a QR code or click a link to visit the webpage where they can claim their POAP. Users can enter their Ethereum wallet address to successfully claim their reward.

How Do I Find My Ethereum Wallet Address?

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