Binance.US Launches Ethereum Staking with a 6% APY Ahead of “The Merge”

Binance.US - America’s home to buy, sell, trade, stake, and convert digital assets - today announced that, ahead of “The Merge,” Ethereum is now available for staking on the platform, offering a starting annual percentage yield (APY) rate of 6%.

Binance.US makes staking digital assets easy and accessible by dramatically lowering the barriers to entry. While there is a 32 ETH requirement for staking directly through the Ethereum network, users can stake on Binance.US with a competitively low minimum of just 0.001 ETH. By launching staking for ETH - one of the world’s most widely held tokens - Binance.US is furthering its commitment to always provide customers with the best products and services.

"ETH plays a critical role in the broader Web3 ecosystem, and as the Ethereum network continues to transition towards The Merge, we are thrilled to now offer ETH staking with some of the highest APY rewards in the industry," said Brian Shroder, Chief Executive Officer of Binance.US. "We continue to build out a comprehensive staking offering that will provide the most value for our customers."

Unveiled this past June, Binance.US Staking simplifies the staking process through a user-friendly interface, and includes an innovative product feature allowing customers to auto-restake in only a few clicks on select tokens, helping to increase the overall APY rate. Binance.US currently offers the highest APY staking rate among major US crypto exchanges, and has since doubled the total number of digital assets available to stake - including ADA, DOT, BNB, BAND, and MATIC, which mostly recently launched on the platform. Binance.US has also recently unveiled several other customer-requested product offerings in addition to staking, including zero-fee BTC trading and enabling the conversion of small crypto balances to BNB.

To learn more about how to stake ETH and other digital assets on Binance.US, click here.  

Disclaimer: Users cannot unstake ETH, and rewards will not be distributed, until Ethereum transitions to Proof-of-Stake and completes a subsequent major upgrade, which will enable withdrawals. Binance.US has no control over the timing or completion of these upgrades, and cannot guarantee that the upgrades will be successful. To learn about the risks associated with ETH staking activity, click here.

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