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AMA with Figment on Ethereum (ETH) Staking

We spoke to Figment team members Ben and Park and Ethereum expert Sreeram Kannan about The Merge, the history of Ethereum, and the future of the platform.

Binance.US Launches Ethereum Staking with a 6% APY Ahead of “The Merge”

Binance.US - America’s home to buy, sell, trade, stake, and convert digital assets - today announced that, ahead of “The Merge,” Ethereum is now available for staking on the platform, offering a starting annual percentage yield (APY) rate of 6%. Binance.US makes staking digital assets easy and

All About Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

ENS is a governance token that serves as the native token of the Ethereum Name Services protocol, which allows users to connect complicated identifiers like wallet addresses with human-readable names ending in “.eth”.
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