A New Year’s Message From Our CEO

Binance.US President and CEO Brian Shroder recaps last year's milestones and shares his thoughts on the year ahead.

Dear Binance.US Customers,

2021 was a year like no other. The world of crypto has turned into a global phenomenon over the past year, drawing people around the world to digital assets for the first time. This also holds true for Binance.US, which today welcomes more people to our platform than ever before, bringing unprecedented cryptocurrency access and opportunity to people’s lives.

We’ve come a long way since our launch just over two years ago. Though two years may not seem like a long time in some industries, crypto markets move fast — and they never close. As we look ahead to an exciting new year, we at Binance.US are working harder than ever to deliver the best crypto experience possible to everyone in the U.S.

A Record Year of Growth for Binance.US

Last year, we welcomed more customers than we expected to Binance.US. Our community continues to grow in amazing new ways, and we look forward to serving you with the highest of standards.

To help give customers access to more choices and opportunities, we’ve added 15 new high-quality token listings, bringing our total cryptocurrencies supported to 67. Binance.US continues to be a leading destination for customers looking for a diverse selection of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, and we’re proud to offer even deeper liquidity on all supported cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to the things that matter most, like platform security and the safety of our customers’ funds, our track record speaks for itself. We will continue our unwavering focus on security to help protect user funds, every second of every day.

Building Trust

Now onto an even more important topic: I want to thank the millions of people who trust Binance.US as their platform of choice. Our relationship to customers remains our most treasured asset, and we appreciate any and all opportunities to engage in open dialogue with our community, in order to deliver the high-quality products and services you’ve come to expect from us.

I’ve previously shared my desire to build the most customer-centric organization in the industry, and that begins with us providing new avenues for our community to make their voice heard, across social media, Reddit, and our official Telegram and support channels. Your feedback has helped us bring new features to the platform, improve our product, and make our organization even more customer-centric. With more opportunities for us to engage directly, we know we will have an even stronger, better platform going forward.

Like Crypto Markets, Our Teams Operate 24/7

Time to let you in on a secret: the team at Binance.US is filled with some of the most brilliant, creative, and hardworking people you’ll ever meet. To the 260+ team members who work at Binance.US, from those at our headquarters in San Francisco, to our distributed teams based all over the US and the world — thank you for working tirelessly to bring our community the crypto experience they deserve. I’m inspired by the dedication and commitment you demonstrate every day, even as we continue to navigate the challenges of COVID and remote work.

Over the past year, our team has grown by 760%. And in my time with the team, I’ve worked to bring on a number of key leadership hires, including: Sidney Majalya, Chief Risk Officer & Deputy General Counsel, Norman Reed, Chief Legal Officer, and Carol MacKinlay, Chief People Officer.  As we continue to bring on more senior executive talent, I’m confident that our senior executive team will help take the organization to even greater heights.

Revisiting 2021: A Blockbuster Year for Crypto

Looking back on an incredible year, I’m amazed at how the crypto space has grown even faster than our most optimistic expectations. Crypto is no longer entering the mainstream conversation — it now regularly makes front page news.

Some of the most exciting developments over the past year, from NFTs and the metaverse to SHIB and Bitcoin’s new all-time high, have attracted customers from a wide variety of backgrounds. We believe the crypto community stands to benefit from their unique knowledge and experiences.

We also believe America can and should lead in crypto. For too long, too many people in the U.S. have been underserved by the traditional financial system: women, communities of color, rural Americans, underrepresented communities, LGBTQ+, and so many more urgently need greater access to financial opportunity. We believe in the power of responsible regulation to bring crypto access to all, and we welcome open conversation with regulators and policymakers, to enable our industry to grow — while ensuring customers are protected.

My Thoughts On The Year Ahead

The Binance.US team is looking forward to a promising 2022. Here’s what we’ll be busy delivering for you: 1) Continuing to bring you the lowest fees you’ll find anywhere in America; 2) Expanding our safe and reliable platform to bring you the speed, stability, and security customers need; 3) Growing our customer service capabilities to serve you better and more quickly; 4) Building more crypto education initiatives to help bridge the knowledge gap when it comes to digital assets; and 5) Delivering new token listings and products to help connect you to and allow you to participate in exciting new crypto projects and tokens. On this last note, we'll have some important new listings to share in the weeks ahead.

As we start the new year with fresh momentum, I’m confident that the Binance.US community will continue growing in the best of ways. To everyone: thank you for choosing Binance.US. Whether you’re just starting or continuing your crypto journey with us, we’ll continuously work to find new and impactful ways to serve you.

Wishing you health, happiness, and success this year.

Warm regards,

Brian Shroder

President and CEO of Binance.US

For more information, follow @BrianShroder on Twitter.

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