We sat down with Christie to learn about how she stays financially fit.

For Christie Pearce Rampone, pushing herself to be the best is nothing new. This 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, 2x FIFA World Cup Champion, and 2x Mother is no rookie when it comes to reaching and sustaining peak fitness - including being in control of her financial fitness. She began investing when she earned her first paycheck in 1997 after joining the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and hasn’t stopped keeping her finances in good shape. Being on top of her health and wealth helped her captain teams to record-breaking amounts of victories.

Over her legendary career on the field, she was the longest serving Captain of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, the first four-time Olympian in the history of the squad, the only member to be part of two Women’s World Cup Championship teams, and played 311 times for the U.S. earning her the title Captain America and making her the 2nd all time on the Women’s National Soccer Team in international appearances and second all-time in international women’s soccer.

We sat down with Christie to learn more about how she stays financially fit, how she teaches her daughters about money, and how she is excited to learn more about digital assets, even putting some skin in the game.

What do you know about Bitcoin?

As we say in sports, I’m a rookie right now in Bitcoin. But what I do know is that it is a digital currency that is most popular and the most valuable, which we like to hear, and that there's a limited supply. So you kind of want to get in early and obviously like sports, you do want to educate yourself and that's why I'm so excited to talk to you.

How does crypto make you feel?

I'm excited. You know, I think as an athlete, you're always in this growth mindset. You're learning and you're trying to educate yourself. And so I feel right now about this with the new technology and the new advancements and being able to go online and be in control of your own investments. I'm excited. So I do feel like I'm safe. I'm in good hands. It's secure. And it's a growth process. And just like sports now, it's a process. And I'm excited to go from rookie to hopefully better one day.

How do you talk to your daughters about money? Is something like crypto already on their roadmap that they are talking about?

Well, I haven't discussed the whole crypto method yet with them. And obviously I'm learning to use it. I'm excited to explore that and talk to them about that. But right now, I have a 14 year old daughter, Riley, and a 10 year old daughter. So we talk about money a lot.

I've recently gone through divorce [while] I was the breadwinner in the house. And, you know, as a female, you know, I don't need to explain to them, like the whole process of losing money and dealing with money and trying to reinvest and kind of take that deep breath to say, like, OK, I can do this.

So, you know, I've been earning since the age of 14. I've been very into work and earning my money and the value of money. I started investing with my first national team paycheck back in 97. So I'm very open with them. So it's pretty cool to be able to be in a female empowerment role and then have two female daughters that I can explain the world to them and guide them, especially investments in money, because it's crucial.

I took control of my life after my divorce and put a lot of effort into understanding the financial side of my life. At first it was intimidating, but I grasp it. I’m taking control of it as we athletes do and it’s been fun educating myself and being on top of it. More women are breadwinners, but life has its turns.

I totally took control of my life after that divorce. And I very much put a lot of effort into understanding the whole financial side of my life.

It's intimidating. At first it was like I was grasping at it, now I'm taking control as we athletes do and it's been fun. It’s fun educating myself and staying on top of it. And the outcome is usually worth the investment of time put into it.

On the ability to choose and financial flexibility
I wish I knew early on. Being a female athlete, yes we earn money, but just not the same rate as a male athlete. We do have to invest. Playing for the US, we didn’t have a retirement program. I played 19 years with no retirement. You put the time in and when you walk away you have to invest. And I continue to invest. This is the right way to go for my mind. I’m in control and I like to be in control of my destiny. There are bumps in the road like anything. But you learn from this and you grow, get better. It’s exciting!

Did you and your teammates talk finances?
Early on we didn’t. Now, it’s definitely come to a level of making sure you’re putting money aside for your investments, retirement, taxes and who you’re using. I’ve been using a financial advisor since 97. I trust them but I also want to educate myself. Now I’m actually in control and I can look at it on my phone. Now we can start training financially. It’s about word of mouth and education, making people aware about what Bitcoin is and how to become a part of it. Make a simple investment like I did today, something small. And grow from there. You don’t put all of your money into something. You put a little in, get more comfortable with it, see how easy and safe it is. There is no fear behind it. In sports you have the fear of the unknown but there’s no unknown here. It’s so easy and it’s safe and you’re in control so go after it.

In it to win it
Take control of your financial fitness and follow us as we explore how others manage their money, evaluate investments, and learn about adding crypto to their portfolio.

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