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What is Crypto Dust?

When you perform cryptocurrency transactions, you may be left with some crypto dust, or small amounts of leftover funds in your wallet. Learn what crypto dust is and what you can do with these trace amounts of crypto.

Binance.US Receives Money Transmitter License in Puerto Rico

Binance.US is pleased to announce that it has received its Money Transmitter License from the Puerto Rico Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions. Brian Shroder, Chief Executive Officer of Binance.US, said, “Following the successful close of our seed round, we are thrilled to build on our momentum

Your Guide to the New Binance.US Referral Program

Invite friends to join Binance.US and you’ll both get $10 when your friend signs up and makes $100 or more in buys and/or trades over their first 30 days. At Binance.US, we’re always looking for better ways to reward our customers. That’s why we’

Introducing Binance.US Convert: Zero Fee Crypto Conversions

Binance.US today announced the launch of Convert, a crypto conversion feature that allows customers to conveniently exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or USD. At Binance.US, we’re committed to finding better ways to serve customers. We’ve further accelerated our efforts to deliver high quality token listings

Binance.US Introduces Updated Tax Reporting Tool to Help Users File Taxes

Binance.US is making it easier for users to complete their tax returns by upgrading our tax reporting tool. In this article, we’ll show you how you can prepare for the tax season and export your transaction history.Filing cryptocurrency taxes can be complicated, especially for those who are
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